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long island large format color banner printing, long island computer consultantsHave you ever had the need for large format color printing services and were stumped about where to go, as well as the pricing? As a Long Island large format color printing service, Long Island Computer Consultants offers the highest quality, large format color printing services that are very affordable.

Large format color printing is used for many purposes, such as posters, banners, collages, window signs, corporate events, parties, funeral collages, store displays, personal artwork display, tradeshows, and much more! Ask us about our rates on the sizes of images you desire printed, as well as bulk rates.

Posters cover many occasions, such as music, events, giveaways, holiday specials and more. Large format color printing for your posters will wow everyone who sees your posters. Whether you need either 1 or many posters for your events, ask us about our rates.

Many businesses use window graphics to advertise their products, services or specials. Eye-catching window graphics make a statement about your company and its products/services. Great large format color window signs invite consumers and customers to your business.

large format collage printing, longislandcomputerconsultant.comBanners are used anywhere from weekend events such as festivals to museum displays, birthday parties and more. Here is where your need for top quality color printed banners is a must, particularly when displayed outdoors, and are still affordable!

Collages are great as a display for the many past events that you want kept around for remembrances. They can serve as centerpieces during an occasion, i.e. a large image in the center of the collage surrounded by smaller images.

At funerals, collages are used as a representation of the deceased's past, the good times, and different stages of their lives. It's a great way for visitors attending the wake to learn about the life of he/she who passed, and again our funeral collages are of top quality printing, paper and is affordable.

When you have an announcement to make, and you want it made graphically and awe-inspiring, contact us for our Long Island large format color printing services.

Get top quality large format color printing today!

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Computer Diagnostics Bring your computer to our Long Island Repair Center located at 38 West Park Ave, Long Beach NY and our Certified Technicians will Diagnose your computer at no charge.

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